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Warm Up/ Screenings Drexel

Warm Up

Warm Up

Warm Up

Warm Up

Warm Up/ Screenings Drexel


Line Dancing

Walk to Clark Park

Nutritionist Chat

Exercise with Penn

African Dance

Scavenger Hunt at Fresh Grocer


Movement is Medicine

Food Trust

Hoola Hoops

Connector Health Chat

Mindfullness Meditation

Potluck/ Awards


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From Young To Old and Old to Young. Everyone Can Benefit From uGO!

From Young To Old and Old to Young. Everyone Can Benefit From uGO!

During the spring session we added a number of uGO participants to our community. We are excited to keep growing with you in mind. Come out on July 19th to see what uGO is all about. Free health chats, free physical activities, and most importantly a free community of like minded individuals who are working towards their fitness goals as well.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter to learn more about uGO and find more free health resources.

uGO Saunders Park Summer is Coming Back!

uGOers! Get ready, get set, get fit!

uGO Saunders Park is coming back this summer. You will find us in Saunders Park Greene (39th & Powelton) every Saturday between July 19th and August 23rd at 9am. We already have so many amazing chats and activities planned. You won’t want to miss any of them. Keep your eyes peeled for the schedule which will be posted here soon.

What is uGO’s mission?

uGO’s mission is to empower families and neighbors to improve their individual bodies and invest in their collective communities. uGO builds networks of neighbors and families around health and fitness by creating neighborhood-based activities and events that promote healthy lifestyles and community connectivity.

Who can get involved?

We encourage all community members to not only come and participate but to invite all members of their families, neighbors and community members. We work hard to provide you with these awesome activities and chats so that, collectively, we can live longer and healthier lives.

Want to see a specific activity, learn about a particular health topic, or just have questions?

Reach out to us! We love to hear feedback and will work diligently to answer any and all questions you may have about uGO. You can reach us at You can find more resources available to you on our Facebook Page and our Twitter Page



Free Workshop with People’s Emergency Center and Mill Creek Urban Farm!

Free Workshop with People's Emergency Center and Mill Creek Urban Farm!

Come out June 19th at 6:30 to 325 N 39th Street to learn more about Eating Healthy on a Budget.

Visit and to learn more about these partners.

We can’t believe it’s over!

Can you believe that uGO West: Mantua has come to a close? Thank you all so much for your support throughout this session. We Zumba-ed, Line Danced, African Danced, and Strength/Cardio trained hard these past 8 weeks. Some of the uGOers highlights included the walks throughout the neighborhood and the nutrition tips. We are hoping to expand uGO Saunders Park even more to encompass all the changes and expansions uGO Mantua did. 

Thank you to Dr. Gadegbeku and her Drexel Medicine team for doing our screenings this session. A huge thank you to Kathy, Sophie, Amory, Christina and Jill for coming out and doing the fun activities with us. Another thank you to Dr. Gadegebku’s Drexel Medicine team, Khadijah , Kasey and our Connectors Ellana and Makkah for doing our health chats. Sister Khadijah opened up Miles Mack Playground for us and helped us to expand into Mantua and we thank her for her support and help this spring. We’d also love to thank Takiyah, our fitness leader, who ran workouts, health chats, and helped keep uGO on track during our expansion. Without everyone’s hardwork, uGO would not have had the success that it did this spring. Thank you all for your love, support, and guidance!

The biggest thank you is to you, the community. Thank you to the 55 community members who came  out and made this session a success. These lifestyle changes won’t happen over night, but with your fellow uGOers they will be much easier and more manageable.

You can always reach out to uGO staff at and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more. Keep an eye out for the upcoming events we have going on in uGO Saunders Park. 


uGO West: Mantua Greenway Walk

This video embodies the uGO Community Fitness Challenge and is a great demonstration of the community of uGO.


Hands In!

Hands In!

Together we are committing to making ourselves and our community a happier, healthier place. Thank you for your support Mantua!

Stop by on Saturday, April 5 at 10am at Miles Mack Playground (36th & Aspen) to participate in our Line Dancing class and learn about Healthy Food Choices.

Questions? Email or call 267-777-5897.


uGO Week 1

uGO Week 1

Week 1 – uGO kicked off this past Saturday! Despite the rain, we had 20 participants show up with smiles on, ready to get fit. (Remember, Miles Mack Playground has an indoor facility so we will be uGOing rain or shine.) Thank you to all those who came out and remember that together we are becoming a fitter, more healthy West Philly.

2014 uGO West: Mantua Spring Schedule

It has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. The spring schedule is here!

  • March 29 – Health Screenings with Dr. Gadegbeku and her team from Drexel Med
  • April 5 – Line Dancing with Kathy
  • April 12 – Activity with Takiyah
  • April 19 – Walk through Mantua
  • April 26 – Sports with Amory
  • May 3 – Zumba with Christina
  • May 10 – African Dance with Angela
  • May 17 – Activity with Takiyah

We will also be having a number of health chats including healthy food choices, growing your own food, juicing, Philly Food Bucks, farmers markets and more.

Have any questions about the schedule or anything uGO related? Email: or call Brittany 267-777-5897

Ambassador Training This Sunday!

uGOers! It is right around the corner! uGO is starting!

Want to get involved in more than just the activities? Are you energetic and care about your community? Come join us at the uGO Ambassador training this Sunday, March 23rd from 2-5 at Jannie’s Place (611 N 40th Street). 

Not only will you learn more about uGO and how to volunteer for your community, but you’ll get to meet the creators of uGO! This is going to be a great opportunity to get involved with your community. Can’t wait to see you there!


Any questions? Call Brittany – 267-777-5897 or email